Forward Nation Radio, hosted by David Leventhal, is a new, progressive political talk show that premiered on March 1st, 2017. You can listen to the podcast on Podbean, or view your favorite video episodes here on our website. You can also check them out on our YouTube channel and on Facebook as well.

Our shows feature the most up to date political events coverage as well as fiery discussions about the policies that directly affect you. We take careful consideration in providing quantifiable facts. That’s our promise and commitment to our listeners because truth matters. Without it, there is no guiding compass for any endeavor.

Forward Nation Radio was founded with the notion that more needs to be done in order to cut through the thicket of misinformation and deceptive practices that plague our political system. Though the political arena has always been sharply contested, an overwhelming majority of Americans agree that today’s political air has become significantly more toxic.

In order to understand how we got here and the importance of Forward Nation Radio, we should be aware of a particular event that seems to have been purposefully buried by both media factions. Yet, this event was the epicenter of a quiet political catastrophe with a direct link to the political decline.

In 1987 President Ronald Reagan repealed the Fairness Doctrine, a measure that helped to keep media fair and honest. Upheld by the Federal Communications Commission, the Fairness Doctrine mandated that broadcast media present matters of public importance (such as politics) in an unbiased manner.

The foresight to incorporate the Fairness Doctrine coincided with a communications boon after World War II. It was put into effect in 1949 as a common sense deterrent against the purposeful spread of disinformation. Fresh from the war, the world witnessed what happens when fascists and dictators use media in such ways to advance specific sociopolitical agendas.

Consequently, with the doctrine repealed, all political hell broke loose. Seizing on the opportunity to generate politically biased echo chambers, conservative media endeavors such as The Rush Limbaugh Show and Fox News sprang into action. Likewise, progressive counterparts such as MSNBC also emerged.

But the reason that you are not likely to hear about the Fairness Doctrine, by either side of the media spectrum, is because they wouldn’t exist (at least in their current forms) if the measure was still in place.

Forward Nation Radio exists because of the current rise of overt political absurdities, contradictions, and “alternative facts.” The practice of purposefully discrediting and undermining truth is not sustainable nor is it ethically justifiable. It’s time for accountability, and it’s time for unadulterated discussions that value people over partisanship.

Besides, with all that’s going on, wouldn’t it be great to return to a sense of political sanity?


David Leventhal

With an accomplished background as an attorney, entrepreneur, and a college business professor, Forward Nation Radio host David Leventhal is an authority on politics, economics, business, and all matters of social interest.

He is the two time winner of the Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence and he was honored by the Student Association as well. Additionally, David was the recipient of the Golden Key for excellence in teaching.

As a profound host and broadcast personality, Leventhal cuts through political pleasantries to deliver what feels like a firestorm of sensibility and critical thinking. As a result, listeners are engaged with a no-nonsense, satirical approach that drives impassioned and informative discussions.