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Lobby in Wake of Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting


0:00 Emma Gonzalez’s speech to NRA and Trump

1:59 School shooting sympathy not enough without proper regulation of guns

7:10 Statistics about gun control, Republicans in bed with the NRA

10:30 Trump’s excess inaugural money, axing food and nutrition programs and ADA

14:07 Please be kinder to Scott Pruitt, PR still without power, DACA delay

8:08 Mueller indictment of Russians and Trump’s reaction

23:14 Black voter suppression by Republicans, Russian fake news sites

26:26 New charges in Manafort-Gates case, Alex van der Zwaan investigation

28:50 Denial prevails among Trump supporters, White House staff domestic abuse scandals

32:34 Gerrymandering follow-up, Pennsylvania court map redrawn